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Window 10 CompatibleTIFF Splitter is a windows application to split multi page TIFF files. The interface is very simple and user friendly. You just select the Source TIFF files and the Output Folder and click Split. That?s it, you?ll get your result in the output folder. TIFF Splitter takes a batch of multi page TIFF images and separates each file into single page files very fast. You can split the TIFF image into the single page TIFF image or split by Page Range or split by Every X Pages. Output TIFF files name can be customized, you can add prefix and separator in the output file names. Key Features: * Split a TIFF image into single pages or sets of pages. * Split TIFF images by page numbers or custom page ranges. * Automates the process of splitting. * Customized output TIFF files name. * Supports Compressed Tiff Files. * Drag and Drop of files supported. * Save and load batch list. * Extremely fast.

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